April26 GRIT Release New “Closer To Hate” video

Corvallis Oregon rising stars GRIT have released their brand new video “Closer To Hate”, off of their new independently released “Warsworn” EP.

Grit bassist Leland Holden has checked in with the following comment: Our first ever video “Closer to Hate” was shot at the Front Street Bar and Grill in Albany, Oregon, where the band played their very first live show performance. So we decided to go back and film the video there, as the location holds a very special place in the band’s history. The song can be interpreted as being about the loss of something and how that pushes someone closer to aggression and hate. For the video, the main character was portrayed as a business man that had lost his job. Not caring about the time of day, he walks into a bar and instantly looks like a fish out of water. He gets drunker and drunker as the night goes on and proceeds to not care about anyone, anything, or any of his actions. This fuels his inner anger as well as the hate of the people around him causing aggressive actions throughout the video. The night is concluded with our main character ruffed up and passed out on the front porch of the bar.

Grit – Band Line-Up: Damion Brewer: Vocals   Mike Ewing: Guitars   Leland Holden: Bass
Scott Longballa: Drums

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BiographyGrit is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Corvallis, Oregon. Formed in 2015
, with lead singer Damion Brewer, the band went under some serious line-
up changes with the addition of Mike Ewing on guitar and Scott Longballa on drums. After some searching, Leland Holden, on bass was brought in to complete the current line-up.

Grit hit the ground running with their three song demo in 2016 and added three
songs in the following seven months to complete their EP Warsworn with Juan Urteaga from Trident Studios, Pacheco, California (Testament, Machine Head, Vicious Rumors, Angerhead).

Grit divides the song-writing process equally between all members giving each member a voice in the band while at the same time, keeping those soul crushingly heavy riffs and fast paced tempo changes that make each song Grit.

With strong influences rooted in Metallica, Pantera, and Black Sabbath, Grit’s style features catchy rhythms, fast thrash metal sections, and heavy breakdowns to complement their rugged but comprehensible vocal lines.